Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet friends:)

On Tuesday night the girls from my knitting group were at my place, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Every month I look forward to the day we are meeting up.

This time one of the girls had a little surprise for us...

She made each of us a case for our crocheting pins, isn't it really cute? Now I just need fill it... so far I only have 2 crocheting pins, but now I have an excuse to get more:)

Have a great weekend everyone, I probably won't be blogging the next week, since I will be working all weekend, and Monday and Tuesday I will be away on course for work. It's a  bit weird having to be away from Jonas for 2 days, I'm going to miss his hugs and kisses in the morning... well not only in the morning the whole day, he loves to give kisses, but I guess I must fill up on them before leaving early Monday morning.


  1. Synes bare i havde fortjent en lille ting, i dejlige tøser. God kursusuge.

  2. What a great and useful gift. I think I only have two pins and they aren't nicely stored :p


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