Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A little annoyed...

The past 5 days have been quite busy... I was working from 8.30 am to 10.00 pm on Friday, Saturday morning Jonas and I had his swimming class, and at noon I went to work until 10 pm and again Sunday from noon till 10 pm. Monday morning the alarm went off at 5 am so I could get the last packing done before I had to leave for my 2 day course. I dropped Jonas of at daycare at 6.45 am and started the long 2½ hour drive...

I arrived at 9.15 am, and when I came down to the conference room where the course should be held there was only 1 other than me... and the 3 people teaching us... at 9.30 where we were suppose to start we were still just 2 people, so our teachers decided to wait a little to see if more people showed up... maybe some was stuck in traffic. A little after 10.00 am 3 people showed up, they had taken a ferry to get there, and one of the 4 motors on the ferry had broken down and caused a delay. This I can accept, I know they did what they could to get there on time, but a break down on the ferry... well you don't expect that. 

Meanwhile our teachers had started calling around, and it turned out a lot of people had forgotten etc. That's were I get annoyed... honestly how can you forget? I got the dates before my summer vacation, a bit early maybe, but I wrote in my calendar. A little over a month ago I received a mail with the assignment we had to do ahead of time, so if I had forgotten this would be a reminder.

The teachers didn't think we were enough people to continue... so we were sent home! That's where I get a bit annoyed, I had driven for 2½ hours after 3 long working days, only to drink 3 cups of coffee and make the 2½ hours drive back....

What a waste of time!


  1. Holy cow, I'd definitely be annoyed too.

  2. Ugh, I would've been super annoyed too. like SUPER annoyed.

  3. I would have been annoyed and angry! How unprofessional :/


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