Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some birthday pictures

I finally got around to getting the pictures from the camera to the computer... better late than never, so here you have a few pictures of a sick birthday boy.
 My big 2-year old boy having breakfast, though trying to get hold of the flag was the best thing.
 Opening the first present of the day, a box of Lego Duplo, which is always a hit. In the morning he seemed to be doing fairly okay, and we thought he was over his sickness.
 Just before lunch my parents came and he got all excited about the cars he got, and I wasn't allowed to see them, he kept saying "mine, mine" I guess that is typical for a 2-year old:) 
After his nap he had a fever and we went to the doctor. When we got back my Brother and his girlfriend had arrived. The first present was a pair of gloves, the second was clothes, Jonas didn't even finish unwrapping the second one before he went on to the last one. He seemed to say "hey uncle you could have done better, let's check the last one and see how lousy you did on that..." my brother had been away on a business trip and had asked me to buy something for him since he would run out of time. I bet I don't get that job Again, but honestly he isn't really missing any toys, but he need new gloves and then I bought some summer clothes as well... and a book about tractors, which he seemed to like.
Since Jonas is all about trains and tractors I baked a train cake, which Jonas didn't eat any of, but it looked nice. He wasn't really eating anything those days due to him being sick.
Getting his cake with candles, and when we started singing a birthday song he kept saying "no, no, no" I don't think we were that bad a singing, but it made us stop, and he went into the living room to lay on the couch to watch Tractor Tom and relax, while the rest of us celebrated his birthday.


  1. Poor little dude, can't believe he was sick on his birthday. Cute cake though :)

  2. Love the cake and glad you got some good pictures where he doesn't look sick. Poor guy - can't even enjoy cake. Maybe next year?

  3. The train cake is super cute! Bummer that he wasn't feeling very well though.


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