Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Jonas

On Sunday it was Jonas's second birthday, and we had been looking forward to it, since last year he was sick on his birthday... well why should that change? Thursday night he ran a fever and started vomiting. I thought Jonas and I had made a deal for him not to get sick the 2 weeks my parents in law was in Mexico, but as with lots of other things, he didn't listen to me. 

A friend of ours are not working at the moment due to back problems, so he was babysitting Jonas on Friday, Frank went to work earlier than usual so that he could leave earlier and get home before Jonas' nap time. Saturday he seemed a bit better, though he didn't eat much, but we figured that this year he would be healthy on his birthday. 

Well Sunday came and he was coughing a bit more, and a little after noon he was running a fever again, and he started crying when coughing, so we went to the doctor, and my parents would greet our guests. Well it turned out he had otitis and a sore throat so the doctor prescribed him some penicillin.

My parents stayed till Monday so they could babysit while we were at work, but Jonas was suppose to celebrate his birthday at daycare, and since the fever was gone, but he was lacking a lot of sleep, we had decided for him to stay at home. I dropped the cake of at the daycare and my mum took Jonas there for an hour or so when the guests were there so he could be celebrated with gifts and cake. Afterwards he was so tired, and fell asleep after a few minutes in the stroller on the way home. 

a picture of him unwrapping his present at daycare, I bet everyone was following intensely. I haven't got around to moving the pictures from his birthday from our camera to the computer, so you will have to wait for those.

My mum left last night, since she had volunteer work today, but my dad stayed to babysit Jonas, though I doubt it was necessary, he seemed perfectly fine when I left for work, and he had been fine all day, but it was nice to have him home an extra day so he can be sure he isn't sick anymore. So after dinner we dropped my dad off at the bus station, while keeping our fingers crossed that this will be all the sickness we will have in a long time... though Frank seems to be coming down with something, but that at least doesn't interfere with my work schedule. 


  1. Aww! Poor guy! I hope he's feeling better!

  2. Happy Bithday Jonas! Too bad he was sick again - at least he won't remember it too much. Hope he's all better though.


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