Friday, March 15, 2013

Some long days

I have just arrived home from a 2-day course, remember I went on one in November, I actually went on the little over 2 hour drive in November, to find out they had cancelled the course. But this time I got to stay, and the course was a lot better than I was expecting. There was a lot of things I think I can use on a daily basis. Though it was quite a few long days, I left at 6.30 yesterday morning, and we were in class until almost 8 yesterday evening. I was really happy when we finished at 2.30 this afternoon, which was 1½ hour earlier than expected. Unfortunately we ran into quite a lot of traffic on the way home, and it took a little over 3 hours to get home. 

The best thing about getting home was getting a great bear hug from Jonas. This is the first time I have been away from him for 1½ day... I know he have had fun with his dad and in daycare, but it was really nice to get a big hug from him when I arrived home:)

Now 2 days of work is waiting Saturday and Sunday from noon till 10 pm, but then I will have Monday off to enjoy with Jonas. Wonder what we will be up to.

Have a great weekend everyone:)

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