Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was lucky to get the chance to review Storytel through buzzador.

It's a website that enables you to listen to audio books on your cell phone or your computer. It's simple to get started, though there search menu isn't the best.

We listened to most of the first book when we drove to my cousins wedding this past weekend. So the trip didn't seem as long as it usually does. Though having a toddler doesn't really leave much time for listening to books. Though this evening I did start a book while cooking... This must be the first time I kind of wished my commute to and from work would last a bit more than 7 minutes.

Overall I linke the site, though I would like a larger selection, though that might be larger if their search menu was better. So if you are in the market for audio books, check them out. If any of you are interested in trying it out let me know, I was given a few free "books" so my friends could try it out. They do have a little selection of English books as well.

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