Sunday, June 30, 2013

The dress

I have earlier promised pictures of the dress that my sweet friend made for me for my cousins wedding. Before leaving my parents place I forgot about it, and I just remembered before we were going to get seated at the wedding, so it went pretty fast, and well not the best picture of me, but you can still see the beautiful dress.

The wedding wasn't the best wedding we have attended, there were quite a few things that did not match our expectations. But we were seated at a table with 2 of my cousins, my brother, my parents and my aunt, and we made our own party.
A picture of the bride and groom, I love the picture she is seeking cover under her bouquet.

Now I'm just waiting for another opportunity to wear the dress again:) Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.


  1. You look so pretty!

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  2. I love your dress - and the matching shoes! So pretty!

  3. you look lovely...
    i love your comment that it wasnt the best wedding you'd attended....i always feel so obliged to say that weddings were lovely...even when they arent!!!!


Your comments makes me smile:)