Thursday, August 8, 2013

A long promised update...

I promised an update... well honestly I don't feel much for blogging at the moment, so this post will mostly be pictures. I guess besides my vacation from work a vacation from blogging has been needed.

In the beginning of July (I think it was the beginning of July, it might have been the end of June) there was a big gymnastics event in our city. We went into town on Saturday, saw a little gymnastics at the stadium, though we didn't stay too long, since Jonas wouldn't sit still.
 After seeing a show at the stadium we walked around, and ended up on the harbour, here they had a lot of events, like this slide into the harbour, a trampoline where you would jump into the harbour, kayaking etc. Best of all the weather was amazing, which just made everything more fun. I think all the people staying at the different camps were happy too that the weather was good, a week with rain would have taken the fun out of staying in a tent.
 Jonas and I went to the petting zoo, we had to go one last time before my season pass ran out. Here he is with his favourite goat, number 22. I always figured number 22 was a male since it was a little ugly, but it turn out the number 22 has become a mum during this spring:)
 I have had my knitting/crocheting group over. When we meet up there is always food on the table, so I decided to make my own strawberry pie, and it was delicious, I might make it a "Cooking with Connie" post at some time. I also made a Coca Cola cake, it contained both marshmallows and Coca Cola of course, but it was a bit sweet for my taste, so I will probably not be making that again.
 Then came vacation time, we stayed 4 days at Frank's parents summer house on Fanoe. Probably the only 4 days this summer that the weather wasn't burning hot. Which actually fit us fine, the weather was still okay, and we spent a lot of time outside. I don't have many pictures from the trip, and Frank will probably hate me for posting this picture, so please don't look at his dirty socks;) 
 Otherwise out summer vacation has been spent painting the house... or well I have got some of it done. We went to Legoland on Monday, and the rest of this week has been spent preparing out annually "Survivor Party" coming up this Saturday, I can't believe it's the 5th time we are hosting it. A part of the preparation was putting up out goal, which Jonas thought was fun, so he played a bit of soccer.
Otherwise out vacation has been relaxing. I will try to get around to blogging a bit more when I start working again. Hope you had a great summer.

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  1. Ahh! I love that last photo of Jonas! It sounds like you've had quite the busy but fun summer!


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