Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shot....

A few weeks ago our company attended a race, they do this every year. Since I'm not a runner I have never attended the race. It's actually a relay and everyone has to run 5 km. Before they left I saw my boss in his running outfit (which the company gives to everyone who is attending), and well this was probably where I should keep my mouth shot, but I laughed and said "next year I will go, and I will run faster than you!".... 

Why? Well I guess I have a year to get in shape, so it's not impossible... but why would I say that? Now I have even made a bet with him. But again why? I'm not a runner and I don't really like running! Anyways I figured I should start training, yeah I know people don't start training for a 5 km race a year in advance, but I guess it won't hurt getting in shape either. So on Tuesday I decided to run 5 km, and yes I know this isn't the way to start, but I had to find out how slow I was, and how much I needed to improve my time. 

Let's just say I need to cut off several minutes in order to beat my boss, but I also need to run slower, I think the problem is I start out way too fast, and then end up having to walk for too long to catch my breath. So I think running slower will help me run longer... 

Yesterday I thought I had sore legs, but oh how I wished I had kept my mouth shut this morning, because what I thought was sore legs yesterday was pure pain today... the only positive thing is that yesterday our boss of the whole department store asked me to help out with some office work, so I didn't have to walk around all day, but could sit down, my legs were happy:) Now I'm hoping tomorrow will be better...

But since I need to get in shape and really improve my time on the 5 km race, does any of you have some good advice for me?


  1. Start with the Couch to 5k program - it's a run/walk program for beginners.

    It'll help you build up to 5k and then when you can comfortably run that, you can work on your time. You can get an app for it too, if you have some sort of smart device. I've recommended it for many people and it's proven very effective.

    1. Sorry, I logged in under a different account, but it's case you were wondering!

    2. This seems like a good way to start. Now I just have to get this working weekend over with, and then I can start. Think you:)

  2. I don't have any good advice but I know a lot of bloggers who do the couch to 5k, but I'm sure there are heaps of other resources on line too. good luck!


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