Thursday, August 22, 2013

Surviving Oktober Fest...

A little tricky title, but the last 2 weekends we have been partying. First we had our annual Survivor party and the weekend after our little street had an Oktober fest. So I'm actually looking forward to a weekend without me planning a party. This post will be a lot of pictures, so be ready for a picture overload...

As usual we had a red and a blue team, and the teams are always the same, but this year we had quite a few that couldn't make for one reason or another, so it turned out that the red team only had one girl and the blue team only had 2 guys. So the assignment they had ahead of time was the red team to dress up as an all guy team and the blue team to dress up as all girls.
 The red team, with moustaches, beer bellies (some more natural than others) and socks in her/his sandals...
 The blue team, girl power, though some of them needed to learn how to sit down in a skirt... crossing your legs is preferred...
Since it was our 5th year hosting this party, we had decided to make the games a "best of". We started out with a game where 3 people were tied together, they had to crawl under our trampoline, walk the plank etc. It was also the first game the first year, so it seemed fitting to have this starting out.

 We also had them shoot goals blindfolded, this girl saved the blue team, she scored several times, much to her boyfriends disappointment (since he was on the red team and he wasn't doing quite as well).

Though the first time we had this game, the goal we had borrowed was smaller, so it seemed to easy, so we decided to put in a goalkeeper, whom of course also was blindfolded. This girl started out laying down, because most balls came rolling, but then one of them lifted them, and she started dancing laying down:)

 They were also diving for apples... and golf balls, ping pong balls and plastic balls. It was just really weird seeing a balled guy in a skirt, and even if he had been told that he make up was waterproof... well not completely...
In between the games we had time to talk and have fun. The red team decided to improve on their beards, and used shoe polish to make them (I'm just glad it was me who had to get it of again). This guy and another guy talked my dad into driving them to the store because we had run out of Captain Morgan Rum, and both of them went there wearing their beard...

I doubt they could have talked her into going... but then again she was quite drunk so you never know...
They also had to eat different things with chopsticks, one of the guys were really lousy at it and they gave the victory to the blue team.
The final four, they had to pick up 3 pasta penne with a spaghetti. The slowest one lost, in the other games one had been voted out on the losing team.
 The final 3, on the plank.

 The final 2, "Girl Power" 

And the winner!

I don't have that many pictures from our Oktober Fest, so you will have to do with a picture of me in my lovely dress.

I ordered the dress online, and on the picture it looked like it would reach my knees, and well it didn't. Of course I didn't try it on until that night. I thought I was wearing nylons, but let's just say I have had shirts that were longer than that dress... so leggings were needed:)

If you made it to the bottom of all these pictures, well good job, and hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you:) Mine will be spent with friends, we have been invited our for a BBQ at some friends, who ended up not going to our survivor party because their son had been in the hospital. He got home the day before our party, but naturally they decided to stay home. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, and hearing all about their vacation (the we in the US for almost 3 weeks). On Sunday Jonas and I are going to Legoland with a colleague of mine and her daughter. So I just have to get tomorrows work day done, and a fun filled weekend is waiting.


  1. I simply love that dress on you! You are too cute!

    And do you have to plan all of those games??? Do you use the same ones each year? It looks like such a blast!

    1. The first 4 years we had all new games every year, but this year we did a best of. The last game balancing on the plank is the same each year, and then we usually have a quiz as well.


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