Monday, September 2, 2013

What's up?

So I have been working both Saturday and Sunday, so I have today and tomorrow off. My plan was to go to Legoland with Jonas tomorrow, but I received a call that I should be at work for a meeting at 8.30 am tomorrow morning. All head of departments have been called in for a meeting at 7.00 am, all leaders at 8.30 and all employees later on in the day... now I can only speculate what's up? Have they sold the store? Are they changing the organisation? Are we all being fired? 

I don't was to spent my day off wondering, but it keeps being at the back of my mind... who knows? Tomorrow I might be out of a job, well not tomorrow I do have 6 months from when the fire me to I will be out of a job, and we have just entered a new month, so it will actually be almost 7 months... 

My plan so far is to go into the meeting, and then pick up Jonas and drive to Legoland, so I guess there won't be any sleeping in late tomorrow.


  1. Woah, the uncertainty would freak me out. Keep us updated please!

  2. I hope everything is ok! Good luck!


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