Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas gifts from Jonas

I promised in another post that I would take pictures of the gifts Jonas made for us in daycare, so here we go. 

2 paintings, first they had put masking tape on the canvas, and then let the kids paint their own pictures. I love the look the masking tape gave the paintings.
 My favourite gift was this little plaster cast of his hand. I just love how you can see all the details of his nails, the little lines in his hand etc. When we unwrapped it Jonas first said "it's Eske's hand" Eske is one of the other boys in his daycare, his best friend, but it wasn't his hand we had got:)
 And last we also got 2 coasters for hot pots and pans. When we opened them Jonas carefully touched them and looked at his finger to see if the paint had come of. I guess they had been told not to touch it until it was dry.
I love how he made all these gifts for us, they were the best Christmas gifts we got this year.

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  1. I used to love making gifts for my parents that they used and loved. Once my dad and I built a hand towel rack for the kitchen for my mom. She still uses it.


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