Friday, January 10, 2014


Just a short little post to wish you have happy weekend.

At the moment Jonas is quite happy making peg boards, and the prescribes for quite a lot of concentration.

I'm not sure if the Hama beads and peg boards is only a Danish thing, or if it is something kids do all around the world. The company HAMA is Danish, but I figure it is also use other places since on the website you can choose another language.

Jonas is only using the maxi beads so far, I'm not sure he will be able to control the smaller ones yet, but with all the practice he gets with the maxi beads I bet he will move on to the midi beads at some point too. All his finished peg boards he happily gives away to people we are visiting, he is quite proud of them.

He is quite creative, and I have to take pictures of the things he made for us for Christmas, that will be another post.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Well he is a very talented little one :) I've been on the look out for games and activities for Miss 9. It takes a little bit of research, I've been keen on introducing her to activities and crafts from around the world. I'll have to have a look at HAMA and see if there's something appropriate for our little one :)

    1. I think Miss 9 would love the HAMA beads, she should just go with the midi or mini beads. It's quite fun, I remember making them as a kid as well.


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