Sunday, April 13, 2014

Organic cows...

Today was the day where all organic cows in Denmark were let out of the stables after being stuck there all winter. A lot of organic farms around Denmark has an open house arrangement where you can come and visit.

 We went to a farm, and first got to look around the farm, visit the stables, taste the organic milk and yogurt. 
 Jonas didn't want to be photographed today, so you will have to do with the cows... at noon there was a countdown for the doors to open, and let the cows out.

They came running, or pretty much dancing because they were so excited to finally be outside. They really seemed to enjoy springtime.

It was the first time we went to visit a farm on the day the cows were let out, it was fun, but after an hour walking around we were ready to see the cows dance, and we could go home. It's a bit funny to think that all over Denmark people gather at farms to see cows run out of the stables... quite silly really, but it does attract a lot of people.

Have a great week, and Happy Easter.


  1. Det har været vores faste forårs tradition, da AS og V var mindre.
    Tror vi skal have det indført igen med prinsessen

  2. It sounds like such a great thing to do as a family. I don't think they have things like that in Australia or New Zealand. I hope the three of you had a great Easter weekend :)


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