Thursday, April 10, 2014

A little update...

I can't believe I haven't been blogging for almost 2 weeks. I guess I have been a bit busy, I have been working nights for a few days in the beginning of this week, but that just messes up everything for a few days afterwards. I have today off, it was very much needed, because working during the night doesn't give you as much sleep during the day....I guess I'm not cut out for it, but I do still enjoy it, but after a few days I guess I need some time to catch up on my sleep.

So what have I been up to... on Saturday Legoland opened again for a new season, and Jonas and I went. It was raining a little, a bit cold etc. but we dressed for the occasion and had fun.
 Jonas in front of a little Lego city, he loves seeing the trains go by, and the little cars driving around. I actually think he would be satisfied if that was all we got to do there...
 Taking a picture of the dangerous lion Jonas, though by the time I got to take the photo he was leaving again.
 In the small boats, he kept telling me if we were turning left or right... he is actually quite good a know what is left and what is right.
 Jonas and me sailing in the small boats.
 On Friday it was our 5th wedding anniversary, but since Frank had a company party to attend, we waited a celebrated a little Saturday night. One of the presents at our wedding was 3 bottles of wine, one for our first anniversary, one for our 3rd anniversary and one for our 5th anniversary. Though I can't believe it's been 5 years all ready....
Yesterday before leaving work one of the guys got cinnamon. It's tradition in Denmark that when you turn 25 and aren't married you get cinnamon, and if you aren't married by 30 you get pepper. He was expecting it, but he thought we would do it in the morning, so he had put his old clothes on... but we waited till he was off work, and took him outside... For some reason they always over do it at our company, usually you would only get a small bag, but he we have plenty of cinnamon in stock at our baker, so he got a whole lot more than I ever got.

Well that will be it for now, hope I will get around to blogging a bit more often...


  1. Congrats on five years!!! Ivan and I just celebrated four years - it seems like forever! And I love the tradition of cinnamon and pepper - how fun (as long as it's not me I guess).

  2. You look lovely Connie! And I love this cinnamon tradition, the poor guy though - that's a lot of cinnamon. Luckily, I was married before I turned 25 ;)


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