Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Belated Easter

Once again more than a week passed without me blogging, but being off work for 5 whole days was so nice and so busy. But busy in a good way.

Thursday before Easter there is an annual Motorcycle gathering in our city. We usually go there and look at the motorcycles, and this year was no exception. We started out having breakfast at some friends house and then went into town. When we first arrived there wasn't too many motorcycles, so we went to the playground for a while. When we got back from the playground there was a lot more motorcycles, though it looks really empty on the one picture I got. Jonas ended up falling asleep in the stroller, so we sat outside at a cafe and had a beer before going home.

On Friday we went to visit my parents, my brother was all ready there from the day before. They had arranged an Easter Egg hunt for Jonas, and he loved it.

He was spoiled rotten and had to get Uncle T. to help carry some of the Easter Eggs. My aunt also came, and we had a nice Easter lunch. We spent the night at my parents, and drove back on Saturday. 

We spent Saturday relaxing, doing a bit of yard work, and playing outside, the weather was fantastic. On Sunday Jonas and I went to Legoland again so Frank could get some work done. Again the weather was fantastic, so we were not the only one visiting, so there was a bit of a longer line than last time. But it didn't matter because if I would have let Jonas he would have spent the day looking at trains, boats and cars in miniland.

On Monday we went to Fanoe (a small Island just off the coast of Esbjerg). We went to have lunch with Franks parent in their summerhouse.

So all in all we had a great Easter, but we could have used a few more days to relax, so the upcoming weekend is very much needed.

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