Thursday, October 23, 2014

My way to relax and a few finished projects...

One of my ways to relax, and get my mind of things is crocheting. Lately I have done quite a bit of crocheting, and not so much blogging, and it resulted in a few finished projects, and a bit clearer mind.

One of the projects I have finished is a pillow for our chair. I love the design of the chair, but it really isn't too comfortable, so you need a pillow for it to be more comfortable, and after making the blanket for my parents, I liked the pattern and decided to use that for a pillow as well.

Another few projects were a Halloween "devil" and a Kähler vase. The devil was part of an assignment I signed up for on facebook. We received a part of a recipe 5 days in a row, not knowing what we would end up with. So mine didn't quite end up as is should, because reading and understanding doesn't always follow along. But I still like the outcome and so does Jonas. The Kähler vase was because there was so much fuzz about their anniversary bronze/copper vase here in Denmark. People went wild because an Internet store had said they would put x thousands for sale on a certain date at 10.00 am, and their website went down, which lead to a lot of angry women and ended up on the news. So as a joke I made my own, it has a glass vase inside so I can be used as a real vase.

When we were in Turkey in May I bought some yarn, and had promised Jonas to make a blanket for him. You can't believe how many times he asked is it finished now... even when I only had done a few rows, and it wouldn't even cover his feet. I made it a bedspread, so it is really huge and a bit heavy, but he likes it, and this morning he dragged it through the house into my bed so we could cuddle.

Last year just before Christmas I saw a star Christmas tree carpet, and decided that before Christmas this year I needed to make that instead of the really ugly felt one we have. So have just finished that the other night, and are actually quite happy with the outcome, now I just need to wash it and stretch it.

On December 5th it's my parents 50th wedding anniversary, and I made Jonas a butterfly, I just finished that today, well almost finished it, I still need to buy so velcro for the closing. The biggest project will probably be getting him to wear it... he didn't quite mind trying it on, but I'm not sure how he feel when he has to really wear it.

So that was what I have been up to the last couple of months, no blogging but a lot of creative therapy and crocheting.

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