Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and 12 MOC

I hope you all have had a fantastic start to 2015, we did, but I don't have any pictures to show for it. For the first time in over 12 years I have had time off from work between Christmas and New Year. After I started my new job on December 1st I no longer work in the evenings or during the weekends.... and of course no rules without exceptions, so I was working the weekend before Christmas because we were taking inventory. But when I left work on Sunday the 21st at noon I went on Christmas vacation, and it lasted until this morning.... can you believe it, 14 days without working!

We spent Christmas at home, as we have the done the last 5 years. My parents came on the 23rd and the rest of our family came and celebrated with us on the 24th. Otherwise it has been a lot of family time, and one day I really needed some me time and had to go for a walk, because Jonas was driving me crazy with all his questions non-stop, a bit of fresh air helped.

All the time of also left time for being creative, and I started my 12 Month of Crochet project for January. Is it cheating to start in December? Well I don't care, I am a rebel like that:)

So just before bedtime last night I finished the last of the pillows for our couch, I was inspired by a girl on instagram for this last one.

I will give you a picture of 2 of the others that I also made, and Jonas, he wouldn't let me take a picture without him in it.

One is made with bubble stitch, a recipe I found on ravelry, and the other is corner to corner stitch, which I found a tutorial for on YouTube. 

Have a good one:)

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