Thursday, January 8, 2015

What I did most of December

In December I did quite a bit of crocheting, but it was a lot of the same. I made my first one in December 2013, and lot of people has seen them, and would like some as well. It's can covers/cozies. 

I just finished another 3 pairs, which add up to 20 pairs from the beginning of December until now. I found the recipe here. I also made one of the Christmas ones, which you can see here. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to my sister in laws boyfriend for Christmas. Well actually it was Santa who gave it to him. Since we had Jonas Santa comes to visit every Christmas, and he does not only bring a gift for Jonas, but one for everyone here. It's just a small gift, but it's quite fun seeing Jonas helping Santa handing out presents.

Now I think I will take a break from making these, and make something else. I'm dreaming of one day making a crocodile stitch scarf, and this Tuesday I attended a crochet class/get together at a yarn shop not too far away, and I learned to do the crocodile stitch, but I need to practice a bit more, before starting a scarf project.

Above it my try from Tuesday of the crocodile stitch, it really teased me, and there is some faults in it, but I think I might be able to make it the right way now, but it will take a few more tries. 

Have wonderful weekend when it arrives:)


  1. Det er helt vild så mange du har lavet. Du må bare i gang med dit sjal, jeg er sikker på at det bliver vild flot. Glæder mig til vi ses i morgen.


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