Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another gift has been given

Back in January I wrote a post where I showed some of the latest projects, but also left out some because they were going to be used as gifts for friends whom were expecting babies.

Yesterday we again got to go baby "watching". It was a friend of mine whom I have known since kindergarten who had a second child in the middle of February. On the 16th to be exact, which is a bit fun, because that was actually my due date 4 years ago, and her due date was on the 4th of March (the day after Jonas' birthday), so that is a bit fun thinking about.

When she had her daughter almost 2 years ago I made a baby blanket and a giraffe for her.
So I had to make a blanket for their little boy as well, and since they knew they were having a boy I could make it in bright boyish colours. I also made a dragon for him.

I'm quite happy with the result, and I hope Viktor will be happy with it too when he gets older. So far all he cares about is being fed, sleeping and getting changed... Well he doesn't really like getting his diaper changed, but that is something he has to get used to:)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, the weather here is really spring weather, and I'm going to celebrate by going to a soccer match with a friend of mine this afternoon. The last time I went to see my team play was before we had Jonas, so I guess it's about time I will support them again:)

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