Friday, March 13, 2015

Jonas' birthday

Last Tuesday my baby turned 4... I can't believe how fast time flies. Both Frank and I had taken the day off, because Jonas' wanted to invite all his friends from Early Years to his birthday party. I guess because some of the other kids had celebrated their birthday by inviting everyone, and then of course so did he. We live so close to the school, so why not...
I e-mailed his teacher, and we made the arrangements, in one of the last e-mails I asked how many kids there were, and the answer was 27... I don't know what I expected, I see most of the kids everyday, I see all their "cubbys" everyday, I could just have counted them, but I was slightly surprised that there were 27 of them, and I got a bit nervous about it....
I had seen online someone made a "hungry caterpillar" cake out of cupcakes with green icing. I loved the idea for several reasons, one it would be easy to make, it would look fun and the kids prefer a cupcake to some fancy cake... at least Jonas and some of his friend does. So I made a "hungry caterpillar" cake, and all the kids knew the caterpillar, because they have read the book at school.
I decided to look online for some party ideas with the hungry caterpillar theme. I saw someone had decorated with balloons that looked like the caterpillar... it's funny that everytime you see things like that online it's always perfect... well I couldn't exactly get the balloons to do like I wanted them, so I will be the first to post pictures of failed hungry caterpillar decorations...
 I asked Jonas if he wanted to play some games with his friends... he suggested "musical chairs"!!!! We don't have 27 chairs so that wasn't possible. We did a "Pin the nose on the caterpillar" game instead.
 The party went SO great. The kids were very well behaved, and as soon as the got a bit loud the teachers told them to quiet down, and use their indoor voices. I would love to show you pictures from the party, but I don't want to post pictures of other peoples kids without their permission, so you will have to use your imagination.

 Just before they left, the teachers told them "Tidy up time" and in a matter of minutes all the toys were back in boxes, on shelves etc. Jonas' room was almost more tidy than then they came.

 In the afternoon we build the Lego he got for his birthday. We then again celebrated his birthday on Saturday with our Family, where he got even more Lego, so all of Sunday was spent building and playing with Lego again.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. Sikke en skøn fødselsdag han må have haft, men det er godt nok mange at have besøg af.


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