Sunday, March 1, 2015

Party planning

I can't believe that on Tuesday my little baby will be turning 4.... Yes four!

When some of the other kids had their birthdays the kindergarten had been invited for their birthday, so of course Jonas should have them over too... So I e-mailed his teacher and invited them. In one of the last e-mails I asked how many would come, the answer 27 kids and 3 teachers.... 27! But now they had been invited and I couldn't take it back. I was just really happy that we had decided to do it on his birthday and take the day off work, instead of a Saturday which we also had discussed... Because this way they come with 3 teachers.

So tonight I have been doing the party favours for all the kids. Instead of giving them a lot of sugar I have made a small "hungry caterpillar" activity book, which I found online, a pencil, an eraser, some stickers, a balloon and a lollipop.

The theme for his birthday will be "the very hungry caterpillar", mainly because I saw a really cool cake online, where the caterpillar was made of cupcakes with green icing.

Now I'll have to wrap his presents and relax for the rest of the night, and tomorrow I will be baking... And maybe panicking....


  1. 4 år,,, hvor blev de af.
    Sikke en flok børn, så er det godt der er 3 lærer med. De bliver da helt vilde, når de får poserne. Fedt tænkt, børn elsker små overraskelser.
    Håber at i får en skøn dag. Og på forhånd stort tillykke til STORE Jonas

  2. Ja så er jeg i hvert ikke moren der fylder ungerne med sukker... Desuden får de jo sukker i kagen, og så er det jo lærerne der skal holde ungerne ud resten af dagen:)


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