Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I should be packing!

I got home about an hour ago, I right now I should be packing for Berlin, but it seems that the couch won't let go of me! That must be the only down side to travelling... I hate to pack, but I love to travel. But I should be finding my suitcase and at least get started, if I want to get everything with me.

I won't have time to do so before leaving on Thursday morning if I don't get started now! Tonight we are going to the movies to see"The Ghost Writer" of Roman Polanski, I don't know if its any good, but we have some free tickets which should be used before the end of April, and this seems to be the only movie we can agree on... I can't get my husband to watch a chick flick.


I won't have time to pack tomorrow either, well I would if I got up early, but with a late night tonight I don't see that happening. I will be working from 10 a.m. tomorrow until midnight, tell me how many people goes shopping at 11 p.m. on a Wednesday before Easter? We are usually open till 9 p.m. and sometimes 10 p.m. before the holidays, but midnight! Come on, that is just plain stupid! We don't count on have a lot to do in our department, which is why from 10 p.m. there will only be me. But I guess I will be able to get a lot done at that point! But since I'm working till midnight I won't be packing tomorrow either, and we are leaving on Thursday at 8 a.m. so if I don't get started now, I have to get up really early on Thursday...

I better get started!

Happy Easter everyone, I'll be in Berlin enjoying myself!

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