Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm back! And this is my Tuesday!

So I finally got around to blogging again... we arrived home on Saturday morning, but between the lack of sleep, jet-lag and working all day yesterday, well I just haven't got around to sorting pictures and blogging. We did have a fantastic trip, so relaxing and full of sun.

I haven't really sorted out pictures yet, they are now in the computer instead of the camera, but that is pretty much how far I got. So I will blog more about the trip another day, when I'm a bit more organised. But I will post a few pictures from the wedding, it was fantastic! Well I will just show you a few pictures, I guess that is the best way to describe it!
Viivi walking down the aisle, she was followed by her nephew (does he look handsome?), unfortunately her father had a heart attack just 3 weeks ahead of the wedding, he had gone through surgery and was all fine, but wasn't allowed to fly. I can't imagine not having my dad there on my wedding day, and I can't imagine how her father felt missing his daugther's wedding!
Viivi and Morgan's first kiss as man and wife, and speaking about "firsts" you have to check out their first dance, it was hilarious, so well planned you can't believe it. Someone put it on you-tube, and here is the link, she has better version on her facebook, but I can't figure out how to copy it, so you will have to manage with you-tube. So watch it and I will bet it puts a smile on your face:)

Today is also Tuesday, and I'm kind of glad that Wendy forgot about it last week, because that means I'm able to play along on the "this is my Tuesday" and the theme this week is friendship. I guess Wendy stole my picture and story, so I will stick to a very recent photo instead. But just as Wendy I have friends different places in the world, and it seems like real friends are the ones where you down feel like you grow apart just because you don't see each other every week or month. So here is a picture of me and Viivi as parts of our Charlie's angels gang:) Don't mind my hair, it was really humid and my hair was a mess!
I first met Viivi back in 1998 when I went to Maryland, USA to be an Au Pair. A few days after arriving out coordinator had a BBQ party for all the Au Pairs in the area, and that's where I met Viivi for the first time. She was from Finland and also the only one from her country, so I guess that was the first thing we had in common. Pretty much everyone else were Swedish or German, so I guess we just felt a bit more alone (or at least we imagined we did). Viivi had arrived about 1½ month before me, so she showed me around, so I guess it kind of was her fault I fell in love with Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies, cinnabons, smoothies our local pizzeria etc. but she also showed me the best shopping malls. After a few weeks Camilla (a swede) arrived, and she lived just a few streets from me, so we took the kids to the same playground etc. So our little gang turned into 3, and we had the best of times. Unfortunately I don't have any digital pictures from that time, but I will try some day to get some of the scanned. The 3 of us were pretty much always together when we were off work, besides shopping, one of our favorite things to do, were going to the movies or hanging out at Viivi's and watch Melrose Place. For some reason that I don't remember we started posing like Charlie's Angels in a lot of our group photos (this was before the angels were Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz). So on Viivi's wedding day we wanted to take a picture and sent to Camilla, so that she could see we were missing and thinking about her.

So I guess that will be my post for today, sorry that it got a bit long. I will post more about our trip another day. If you want to play along just link up to Red Boots.

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  1. How great to meet up with Viivi again after so many years! I remember you telling me about her. I love their dance - very bollywood!!

    And how good to get to go on holiday to somewhere as cool as the Dominican Republic! I bet Frank didn't need much persuading to go with you?!



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