Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is my Tuesday

Again this week I'm joining in on Red-boots weekly series of "This is my Tuesday". This week the theme is Family. And let's face it that is a hard one, well it really shouldn't be, but my family aren't really all that good at taking group pictures, I can't remember that we have ever done that... so trying to find some of my family on my computer has been more or less impossible! I do believe that my parents has some, but I don't have those at hand at the moment and I don't have a scanner that is working. Can you believe I don't even have a picture with both my parents and me from our wedding... I've got one of my and my dad, but none of me and my mum...

But to me family is the people who surround me, not only the ones that I'm blood related to, but a lot of our friends also feels like family, therefore I have chosen this picture...

It's a picture from our wedding, it's of us walking in, but surrounded by friends and family. I believe it's okay to post a picture of friends as well, after all friends are the family we choose ourselves!
Have a nice week! And if you want to play along just remember to link up to Red-Boots.


  1. Love this Connie! I agree about friends - they're much like extended family! x

  2. Hi Connie! I'm Yiota, your ornament swap partner. So nice to find you here...
    I like what you say about friends being the family we choose.
    I'm so excited about the swap!! I've bought you something today at a new little cosy shop and I'm going to make you something as well.
    Take Care!


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