Friday, November 12, 2010

Ornament swap and great friends!

This weekend can only be a good one. I start this evening having 2 former colleagues over for dinner and maybe there baby girls. They weren't sure they would bring their girls, or if they were going to spent quality time with their dads!
We are just going to enjoy ourselves with a little Mexican dinner, a lot of Christmas candy and even more talking!


Tomorrow I hope to get around to going to writing my first Christmas card and going to the post office. I got my ornament swap partner, and it's Yiota over at Shells and bells flowers and showers and I have now bought the ornaments and should soon be ready to mail them. I figured I better get around to doing it this weekend, otherwise I'm not sure I will get it done in time, because next week I will be busy at work finishing a lot of this before my vacation and before handing everything over the girl coming back from her maternity leave. And when not working I will be packing and getting ready for my vacation!

Tomorrow evening we will be having a work Christmas party, which I'm sure will be lots of fun:) But it will also be my third Christmas party out of three weekends, so it will be good to get away on vacation next weekend. The party we went to last weekend they had bought alcohol free beer, which tasted just like normal beer, and a bit more fun drinking those than drinking coke all night. So I went ahead a bought some for myself for tomorrow.

So it looks like a good weekend ahead, and did I mention that next Friday I will be on a plane to the Dominican Republic?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. SO jealous you're going to the Dominican Republic! Take me with you!


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