Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is my Tuesday...

Again this week I'm joining in on Red-boots "this is my Tuesday" and the theme this week is happiness. The hard thing is choosing just one picture, I could just link up to the other three "This is my Tuesday" posts. So here is what I chose...
It's from my bachelorette party, but the happiness is being around friends, and having friends that care so much that they take time out of their busy schedule to plan a super day for you. My bachelorette party was planned so we were 2 teams competing against each other in a lot of silly games, and I never get too old to play:) In the last game we ended up winning, so I even got a gold medal. I was a bit unfair though, because every time I had to compete for our team if only one person were competing, and the other team could pick who they thought were the best at it! But I'm still to this day really proud of being able to fit 23 marsh mellows in my mouth at once... and the girl I competed against only got 13, but I had to go first, and when I got to 12 she looked a bit scared, but hey I would have done the same just to try to get her to think I could do that...
So my happiness is having friends that cares:)
Next weeks theme is friends, but since I'll be on vacation I won't be able to join in, so I guess this post can be used there as well:)
On another note, I got around to mailing my ornaments today, so Yiota should soon have mail:)
Well I'm off now, I really need to start packing... I hate that! But it seems like the clothes don't jump into the suitcase by itself.


  1. This picture is great!! It made me smile, perfect choice.

  2. indeed, it is the simple things - looking at your bachelorette party makes me excited about my own - getting married in April 2011 and i look forward every day to the parties, the planning and all the fun to be had on that special day.

    congrats on your wedding - may it bring many years of love and HAPPINESS to you and yours. :)

  3. What a fun post. Friends, indeed, should make you happy - even if your mouth IS bigger than theirs. :-) I hope you have a fun trip!

  4. Wonderful! There's nothing like time spent with your best girlfriends to fill your heart with such happiness. I think girl time is good for the soul!

  5. Aw I love your post - it looked like a wonderful night! x

  6. It sounds like such an awesome bachelorette party! I love it!

  7. that photo made me happy before i even knew what it was! :) love it.


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