Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few vacation pictures

Finally it seems like life is a bit back to normal again after our trip. It has been a bit of a hectic week. I started in a new department on Wednesday, so the first 2 days in the week, I had to finish everything, so there were no loose ends. Wednesday I then started working at the information desk, and with so many new things to learn... well let's just say the days went by so fast, and I was really tired when I got home, I guess it was all those new things that kept running through my mind!

By now on Sunday evening have a little extra energy so that I can post a few pictures from our vacation, though right now I feel like I could really use a vacation again. But in 22 working days I will be starting my maternity leave... on January 6th to be exact! Well moving on to the pictures...

First a picture of the airport, a bit surreal arriving here, that's not the typical sight arriving in an airport. I was really beautiful, and you could really get into the vacation mode right away.
One of the days we went on a day trip and saw a school, a church, a tobacco plantation etc. Here is a picture of a guy making cigars. My husband had 2 things he wanted to buy on our vacation, the 2 things being cigars and rum, and here we could buy the cigars a bit cheaper than at the hotel.

Then I just had to post this picture of Viivi's nephews, aren't they just cute. The youngest one charmed everyone at the wedding, though I doubt he did on purpose, but with those blond curls you just have to smile in order for everyone to fall in love with you:)

Then there is a picture of Viivi and Morgan eating their wedding cake, I just love the look on Morgans face, he really thinks he is so funny!

Then a picture of the view from our regular pool seats, this is pretty much what we saw the rest of our vacation. We spent most of our days at the pool, which is nice and relaxing, but I doubt we would have taken the long flight if we weren't attending the wedding.

The next picture is of the pool bar, which was a nice! You could jump in the pool, walk to the pool bar, get your drink and walk back to your seat... all without leaving the pool:)

The last picture is from the beach, not that we spent all that much time there. It was really windy at the beach, not cold, but too windy to relax in the beach chairs, but still beautiful!

That's all folks... that was a little tour of the Dominican Republic, or well I guess more a tour of the Dreams resort in Punta Cana! Hope you enjoyed it:)


  1. Umm, you were in PARADISE! These pictures are so heavenly!

  2. Dreamy! I love the airport! So different from the usual!


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