Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handball, Christmas Gifts and friends

So Yesterday I had the day off, which was very much needed after we spent Tuesday evening at the handball game between Denmark and Croatia. We were back around midnight, and at that point I was exhausted. But it was so worth it, the Danish girls played amazing, and we won big! 31-19! It was really amazing being at the arena, and hearing 11.300 people singing the national anthem, that will give you goosebumps:) So even though they have a game again tonight, it doesn't really matter, because they have now qualified for the semifinals, which unfortunately are being played on Saturday while I'm at work!

Shortly after I got up yesterday (Yep I slept in, isn't that what days off are for?) my cell phone rang. It was an old colleague of mine, who usually buy some of my mums Christmas cards, but had forgotten all about it, because she isn't working at the moment, because she is waiting on a smaller operation. Luckily I had a few cards left, so I could sell her those. So I stopped by her on my way to buy my last Christmas presents. So we chatted, drank tea and ate cookies... is there a better way to start a shopping trip?

Afterwards I went to the city to buy the last presents, and I actually finished that rather fast! I also went to another competing department store, and while working Monday night we had heard that their clothing department had a fire. So all the clothes that was left (which wasn't much) were 50% off, so I was lucky to get a bit more baby clothes! When I got home I started wrapping presents, which I love, and I do believe I do a better job than in some stores. I have actually before unwrapped presents they have wrapped at the store, and then wrapped them all over myself. I always thought the worst at wrapping was in mens clothing stores, let's face it a guy can't wrap a present. But yesterday I went to bodyshop and I wasn't impressed, that was a place I really thought they would do something fancy... but I was wrong, so I guess I need to do that one over as well:) I had to take a break from wrapping though, because my back were starting to kill me (oh the joys of pregnancy). I usually have everything out on the floor, and I guess my body was fit to sitting on the floor that long:)

Have fun, I got to get to work!


  1. I totally hear you on the back pain - first it was from pregnancy and now it is from lugging around said baby :P

    How far along are you now?

  2. Handball looks like so much fun!


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