Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm a bit excited for this week!

First you will see a picture of my sweater from last nights Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I didn't win for the best sweater, but I still believe I should have! My husband actually won, and I made his as well, but I didn't actually get a picture of him, so hopefully someone else took some, and I will get them later. But he only won because the prize was a garden gnome, and our friends knows he hates everything about Christmas, so they had arranged the votes... so unfair! I should have won.... I'm not bitter at all... or well maybe just a bit:) Check out my sweater, with lights and everything, don't you agree I should have won?

This coming week is going to be a bit exciting as well. Right now the European Championship in Women's Handball is going on, and some games are played in Denmark and some are played in Norway. On Tuesday we have tickets to go see some games, yeah! Their are 3 games being played at an arena an hour away from us, when you buy a ticket you have access to all three games that day. The first one will start at 16.45, but we probably won't make it before the second game, we have to get off work first. The last game being played is Denmark-Croatia, we will probably miss part of the game Romania-Montenegro, but will for sure also be watching the second game Spain-Russia. So I'm super excited that we are going to see the games, the Danish women has so far won their first 3 games, not that they have been playing all that well, but they won, and I guess that is all that matters. Tomorrow they are playing Russia, which I doubt they will win, but then again, I didn't think they would win over Romania and they did.

And then on Wednesday I have the day off! Yeah! So I will have to get the last Christmas shopping done, and actually I don't have a lot left, so I guess I will also have time to relax a bit, and maybe go and get our Christmas tree.

After that the rest of the week, will be a bit boring, because I will be working! So both Friday and Saturday I will be there till closing time, but at least I will have Sunday off, so I guess it's not all too bad.

Ohh before I stop I just have to tell you a funny story. On Friday I met an old friend of mine at the store I work at, I was sitting at the cash register, and we just talked for a short while. Then I just talk to my parents this afternoon, and they had run into her today, and talked a while. Somehow my mum had said something about me only working there for a short while now, and she had asked why. She hadn't realised that I was pregnant, and I guess she hadn't heard. She had thought I had gained weight, but as she said to my mum, don't we all! But when my mum said I was 7 months pregnant she had said, well then she hasn't gained much weight! They had laughed a bit about it, and she was a bit shocked. So I just wrote her on facebook, that I heard she thought I had gained weight:)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and that you will have a great week ahead!


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