Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 days to go!

I have 2 days left of work before getting stay home for almost a year! Can you believe how lucky I am? Well technically my maternity leave doesn't start till the 20th, but I have just a little vacation left, which I will use over the next 2 weeks. I know a lot of people complain about the government etc. here in Denmark, but honestly right now I really appreciate how lucky you can be as a pregnant woman. You have the rigth to stop working 4 weeks before you due date in you are in the private sector, are you working in the public sector you get 8 weeks (okay that's a bit unfair, since I'm in the private sector).

After giving birth you get 20 weeks fully paid maternity leave, and after that I can't remember how many weeks paid by the "government", I guess there is a reason for the high taxes we pay:) So all in all I get to stay home for almost a year, depending on how much vacation I will be using in the end of my maternity leave!

So 2 days of work left... well mentally I have all ready left. Especially because I have handed over everything, so I no longer have any specific responsibility. Today was a really slow day, hardly any customers or anything to do! So just about an hour after arriving I told my boss he could just send me home... though that didn't completely work, so I started another tactic which was "Keep annoying him till he will send you home", I guess I could have done a better job, but nonetheless at 1.30 pm he said "Okay just leave then!". So I got off early:)

Otherwise my pregnancy is going just great... well besides from heartburn I feel great. Though I do believe the heartburn is more than enough, over the last week it has got worse, some evenings I even had to get up and puke! Though I went to the pharmacy yesterday, and I do believe the new pills I got really are working, but they taste disgusting! I get a bit nauseas just eating them, but shortly after I have no heartburn and are able to sleep. So I'm trying no to complain, and hopefully in a few months the heartburn will be gone:)


  1. Ok, I need to move to Denmark ASAP. Seriously. We get 12 weeks unpaid here, and if I want to get paid (which I need to), I need to save up all of my sick days and use them all. :(

    So glad you are feeling great!

  2. We get something similar here. I was off for a year with each of my kids. It was fantastic.

    Enjoy those last few days of work!

  3. Eee, your baby is due so soon!! Are you both all prepared?


  4. I wish I had of lived in Denmark! When I had Zoe I had my 2 weeks of annual leave that I could take and that was it! So we had to survive on one pay for a long time!

  5. That's so awesome. My husband is Swedish & tells me we need to move there when we have kids, haha.

    Happy Happy New Year!



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