Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Do I have too many shoes if I can throw out 28 pairs without missing any of them? And I still have a pretty full shoe closet!

Yep, I have been cleaning out my shoe closet, and how come I haven't been throwing out shoes that were ruined? Well not all were totally ruined, so my theory is that if I have a pair of shoes that I love wearing at work, but they start to look a bit shattered... well I buy a new pair, but save the old ones until the new ones are broken in... but after the new ones have been broken in and are now my favourite I tend to forget to throw out the shattered ones! And so it goes on with the new pair getting old.

There are also 2 other categories of shoes in my closet, the ones I buy because they will go well with a dress or some other item of clothes, but I hardly ever wear. Some of them I might have worn once or twice because they don't really look that good.

Then there is the shoes that a just fab, but in reality it's not really my size, so they are not comfortable or the heels are too high for me to walk in (okay I saved those, because one day I will learn!).

A few years ago my husband made a rule that every time I brought home a new pair of shoes I should throw out an old pair... does that mean I can now go buy 28 pairs of shoes? Uhh that's exciting, though I doubt the bank feels the same way.

I would love these, but they are a bit expensive via

10 of the 28 pairs will be donated to Red Cross, so I guess I'm also doing a good deed. My mum works in a Red Cross second hand shop one day a week, so this weekend I'm dropping them off at my mums, but the rest of them, well they are not worth saving, so they will go in the garbage.

Well that is enough of my ramblings, I will now surf the net to look at shoes... a girl can dream can't she?


  1. I am IMPRESSED with the size of your shoe collection! And those boots are seriously cute. :)

    That's awesome that you donate them. I am well overdue for a closet clean out for Goodwill donations.

  2. wow! i think 28 is the number of shoes total in my closet. that is impressive. :) do you have a shoe recycling program where you are? in the US a lot of shoe stores {like nike} take old shoes and recycle them to save the soles. just a thought for the ones that aren't good enough for goodwill.

  3. That is seriously one amazing collection! 28! Wow!

  4. I think I have 6 pairs of shoes - so yes 28 is a lot!!

  5. Holy wow that is A LOT of shoes. I finally got rid of a ton of shoes that I never wore anymore. My collection is definitely small now.


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