Monday, January 31, 2011

What a great weekend!

This weekend was a great one, but also a long one!

On Friday afternoon we drove down to my parents, and boy is there a lot to pack when you are very much pregnant. What if I was to give birth this weekend? Well the car was packed with our overnight bag, a bag for the hospital, a car seat etc. I guess we just have to get used to it. So we had a great dinner at my parents place, and then watched the semi finals of the mens world cup in handball. Denmark was playing Spain, and we won... YEAH!

On Saturday I was going to meet up with our old Brass Band which I used to play in, we meet up at a cabin in the woods once a year, and play all day Saturday, and to my suprise I could hang on, because when practising last week I was out of breath within minutes! On Saturday night we had a party where spouses, parents, kids etc. are invited. I had decided not to spent the night in the cabin but at my parents place instead, and we were back around midnight.

Sunday I had to be back at the cabin at 9.00 am, and we play for a few hours again. Afterwards they were getting lunch ready, but I was exhausted so I headed back to my parents instead. After lunch with my parents we packed the car again and left for home. I slept in the car, and was still tired when we got home. When I was resting on the couch I realised what I was feeling... I hadn't felt like that in ages, and honestly I don't miss the feeling! I felt like I was hungover from partying all night!
I don't think I'm able to get any bigger by now! The picture is taken last week, so I'm probably all ready bigger:)

After a nap we went to watch the final in the world cup at some friends, they had invited us for dinner and the game. Denmark were playing France, and within ordinary time the game tied, so they prolonged the game and Denmark lost, but they played well, and considering that it is a fairly new team I'm super happy with 2nd place. Besides before the world cup their goal was to be in top 7, so I guess they were happy too. Well probably not right after loosing the game, but after a good nights sleep I'm sure the boys will realise what an amazing job they have done.

When we got home around 9.00 pm last night I headed straight to bed, and slept till 10.00 am this morning... well I didn't sleep all that well, I was awake several times, I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over... or at least just the heart burn, it always comes at bedtime no matter what I do!


  1. Oh Connie, you are almost there!! And you look great - pregnancy suits you!! x

  2. wow! that's a little person inside of you... that you created! pregnancy is a completely wild and beautiful thing.


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