Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waiting and reliving memories...

4 weeks to the due date... I must admit by now he can just pop out, I'm ready for it:) At least I'm ready for the heart burn to be over and being able to drink coffee again. A friend told me it was good thing that the pregnancy would be lousy in the end, because then you will be so more ready for giving birth, and somehow the whole giving birth thing, it doesn't scare me... at least not as much as I thought it would! Well let's see about it tomorrow, because we will be visiting the hospital and watching a movie about giving birth... at that point I might change my mind!

I'm using my time off getting my pictures organised. Last week I found a place where I could get them developed really cheap. And since I'm usually making scrapbooks out of my pictures from our vacations, but last year I never got my pictures developed. So with the vacation from the summer 2009 and summer 2010 and the trip to the Dominica Republic in November I picked up 1000 pictures. So I have quite the job ahead of me, and I will probably not finish before giving birth, but at least I have started!

It's fun reliving the old memories. Here my husband and I are having a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Me in the streets on Hanoi, Vietnam. We were allowed to borrow a lady's hat and banana thing... well after she had put it on us, and we had taken the pictures she told us we owed her a dollar per picture:)

There are some great memories in all those pictures, and over the next years will probably be added a lot more pictures and memories, and I can't wait for them to come!


  1. you've had some pretty fun adventures! i think those birthing videos are always so scary. but the truth is that women have been doing this for the history of the world, so you'll be able to do it too. my nurse friend explained to me once all the crazy ways our bodies change during labor. it's so amazing!!

  2. Wow - congratulations on living without coffee .... I don't think I could manage! :-)

  3. Aww! You two are so cute! It's great that you and your husband have had so many travels before the little one arrives!

  4. Yes you will definitely be having lots of new photos and memories - exciting times!


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