Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

Well Halloween isn't really a Danish thing, though more and more kids are starting to celebrate Halloween in Denmark. The stores are decorating more, more places sell pumpkins etc. So I bet by the time I'm a grandmother, my grandchildren won't believe me when I say we didn't celebrate Halloween when I was a kid.

Since it has become more popular, and the last couple of years there have been kids here to trick and treat I went out to buy some candy to hand out... yeah I considered just handing them an apple, but I didn't want to be the lousy house on the street, you never know if they will take on the tradition of toilet papering a house as well:)

Nonetheless I'm now sitting on the couch eating the Halloween candy, because only 5 kids rang our doorbell... so I'm happy I didn't buy totally lousy candy:)

I've only celebrated Halloween a few times, and only one time it was the real deal.... that was when I lived in the USA back in 1998/1999 and I really had a great time, and if you want a good laugh here is how I looked on October 31st 1998...

Well I dressed as a nun... the thing is I couldn't dress up as something scary since Ryan (who was 5) were really scared of witches etc. so as a good Au Pair you don't want to scare the kids... and as a good Au Pair you don't dress too sexy either, though there were a lot of costumes showing a lot of skin in the stores... So I ended up as a nun. I really can't believe it's 13 years ago, and I'm shocked everytime Meghan (the baby) post pictures on her facebook page... I still think of her as that little baby, but I feel worse seeing the picture of their oldest sister who is now 21 with her posting pictures from parties... in my head she is still 8 years old:)

Well Happy Halloween everyone:)


  1. it's always a good idea to buy your favorite candy to hand out at halloween so you can enjoy the leftovers... actually, maybe that's a terrible idea. :)

  2. :) You're such a good sport for playing along! And that picture is lovely!

  3. I love the nun costume! Too cute.


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