Monday, October 3, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 11

It's all ready October can you believe it? Today Jonas is 7 months... where did those months go? The last week or so the weather here has been fantastic, almost better than it has been all summer, so it doesn't really feel like it's fall yet.

Well let's get to it!

Last weeks weight: 79,0 kg

This weeks weight: 79,2 kg

Loss/gain: +0,2 kg

Well, what can I say? I did go for 2 long walks last week, but I also ate a lot of cake, and other bad stuff! I had baked chocolate cake for the home party with kids clothes on Tuesday, but there was a lot left... and when something tastes good, well I can't get myself to throw it out... so as I said I ate a lot of cake:)

I guess for this last week I really need to starve myself in order to reach my goal of 74 kg... NOT! I guess it will just take a bit longer to get there. I don't have any walks planned, but since I now have a stay at home husband he might want to join Jonas and I for a walk!

Frank had his last day on Friday... though he has a job interview today, and another one on Friday. Though remember he had 2 interviews almost 2½ weeks ago? Well he haven't heard anything from them... honestly the least they can do is write an e-mail that he didn't get it. So again I'm asking for good vibes being send this way:)

Have a great week!


  1. 7 months? Already?! I guess time must fly for a mum more than anyone else! That's really annoying that people don't get back to Frank about what's happening, really how hard is it?! Argh! Hope you have a great week Connie, cuddles for Jonas.

  2. I'm definitely sending good vibes your way! And eat the cake, girl. You deserve it!


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