Monday, October 10, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 12

So it's the final week of my baby weight challenge, so let's start with the weight.

Start weight: 82,8 kg

Last weeks weight: 79,2 kg

This weeks weight: 79,0 kg

Gain/loss: 0,2 kg

Total weight loss: 3,8 kg

So that isn't all that impressive, but I have come to the conclusion that a slow weight loss has a bigger chance staying off, than a fast loss. Besides I did measure myself before and after, and that actually changed more than I expected.

Waist: 84 cm, which is a 4 cm loss

Hip/ass: 106 cm, which is a 5 cm loss

Thigh: 62 cm, which is a 4 cm loss

Upper arm: 31 cm, which is a 1 cm loss

So the weight might not have come off as much as I would like, but I guess it has been remodelled:) It does mean I can fit into most of my pre pregnancy pants, which makes me happy. I will continue to try and loose a few more kilos.

The thing that helped me I guess was that I allowed myself to eat cake, candy etc. because banning it would have made me crave it even more, and I know that as soon as I was done loosing the weight I would go nuts and eat a lot. So trying to eat smaller portions, a bit healthier and less cake and candy than normally was what made me loose a little weight.

I didn't do much exercise, I tried in the beginning, but that is just not really for me, I hated every minute of it, and that was just not worth it. I did instead go for some long walks and pushing Jonas in the pram just added to the walks.

That was what worked for me, but I'm sure if you can cut out all the unhealthy things of your diet you will loose more, and exercising will give a lot as well... but that was just not for me. I guess everyone has to do what's right for them in order to stick with it.

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  1. You did so well. And you stayed true to who you are and what worked for you. Congratulations! So what have you got planned next? ;)


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