Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week was pretty much a week of eating... I guess in some ways I was celebrating not having to update you guys on the babyweight challenge.

On Thursday we went out to brunch at a cafe down by the harbour. In different cities in Denmark they have recently started selling what they call sweet deals, you are offered all different things to a really good price, and you got to be fast because there is only a certain amount for sale of each deal. We had bought a sweet deal for Brunch which was 50% off...

via the cafe we had brunch at, stolen right from the website

We had the best brunch, the service was so great and we really enjoyed ourselves. The weather was great so we did go for little walk at the harbour, though thats the thing... the harbour area is still very much industrial.... they are starting to convert it to a usable place since there is hardly any fishing done from Esbjerg anylonger, but I'm sure it will be great when it's all done.

via yet again a stolen picture from their website... hey I was eating = way too busy taking pictures:)

Yesterday was my sister in laws birthday and she had invited us for brunch at her apartment, so once again I was eating... it was a really great brunch, and she had baked the best brownies (I might have had more than one).

So after eating the whole week I was a bit afraid to step on the scale this morning. Yeah I still keep track on my weight every Monday even if I'm not updating you guys... but I had lost almost 1 kg since last week... had I only known that brunch was the way to go I would have been skinny by now:)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. That sounds absolutely delightful! I wish I had a group of friends to go to brunch with!

  2. Yum! Maybe eating larger portions for brunch is ok since you have the rest of the day to work it off by running around? That's totally what I'm telling myself :)

    Glad you had fun & you didnt gain anything because of it.

  3. Mmm brunch. I need to do brunch sometime soon...

  4. We have similar deals here called Groupon - I love taking advantage! Your brunch looks simply amazing:)


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