Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday on the farm:)

Yesterday Jonas and I drove to my cousins farm, where they had an open farm arrangement. Everyone could come an visit. They have a chicken farm, so you could pet 2 day old chickens... well at least the 6 that had been taken out of the barn. 
Looking at 2-day old chicks with my dad  
Go out to field an look at the big chickens, play on the hay playground etc. Though the hay playground was for bigger kids, so Jonas didn't go on that. You could also get a ride on the trailer of a tractor, where you got to see the fields with vegetable.

In the field with the hens and my mum
You could even get a pony ride, though we just talked to them, Jonas wasn't too font of them. At the farm they also have a little farm store where they sell vegetables, chickens etc. They recently added a kitchen to the store and started a catering business.So you were able to try a lot of the different foods.
Petting the horse, not his favorite!
Afterwards we visited my parents and spent the night. Today Jonas helped my dad collecting apples in the backyard.
You get hungry from all that work, good thing he was paid in apples:)
Have a great week everyone!

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