Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vacation time again:)

This is where I love the Danish system, 5 weeks paid vacation every year... and most people also have 5 extra days, so actually I can have 6 weeks paid vacation every year, though the 5 days extra I use one every now and then. 

So this coming week I'm using my 4 week of vacation (a vacation year goes from May 1st til April 30th). I have used 3 weeks during the summer, and then usually it's nice to have one in the fall, since springtime doesn't seem so hard to go through because of the lighter weather and the national holidays. 

It's only me and Jonas having a week off though, because Franks work is quite busy at the moment, and he will be able to get the day between Christmas and New Year off, which is when the daycare is closed. 

So this weeks, we don't have any big plans. Tomorrow we have just decided to go to an open farm arrangement at my cousin and her husbands farm. My parents are there to help out, and I figured Jonas would like to see the chickens, drive the tractor and play in the hay. Afterwards we are going to stay at my parents till Monday.

Otherwise we don't have any plans, but it the weather will continue raining I know we will be using our rain suit and rubber boots. Though Tuesday Jonas has an appointment at the dentist, I'm not quite sure how he will like that... but again the Danish system is to thank for free dentist till you turn 18, so we might as well use it. 

Have a great weekend everyone:)


  1. Another vacation? Label me jealous. Also, free dental until youre 18, damn you guys must have some excellent teeth. Im thinking maybe we need to say 'adios' to the US & head your way :)

  2. Ahh, 5 weeks? That would be lovely, we get four here in Australia, and sometimes I think it would be nice to just have that one extra week!


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