Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas DIY

I have made a few Christmas things this year, and if you haven't noticed I have been quite a bit into crocheting this last year. So I made some Christmas trees, which is super easy to make, and even better they will survive a Jonas attack:)
Well, almost survive a Jonas attack, some of the stars are pretty crooked, but that can easily be fixed.
I also made a flag garland, in Denmark it's common to have a garland with the Danish flag on your tree. I have just googled it to find out why we do this. One of the reasons seems to be that from 1864-1920 it was prohibited to show the Danish flag outside in the Southern part of Denmark since it was occupied by the Germans. So in order to show that you were Danish the people started having the Danish flag on coffee cups, pillows etc. which also led to them putting them on the Christmas tree. 

Though you don't get a picture of them on the tree for now, since we aren't putting up the tree until the 23rd. 

Ohh and then I just had to show off the Christmas decoration I got from some former colleagues that came to visit last weekend, I really love it, and especially the purple colour, I had just decided that my Christmas table this year would be purple, so I guess this will fit just in:)


  1. Aw your garland is beautiful! And I love your christmas trees!

  2. Hvor det flot. Husk flagene skal stryges!!!!


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