Sunday, December 16, 2012

LouenHide pictures...

Better late than never... I received my bag in the end of October, and back then I  promised pictures of it, and of how I would style it. I was considering waiting for tomorrow since I am in desperately need of a haircut, and I have an appointment tomorrow, but I figured after working all day my preferred outfit would probably not go with the bag...
This is my first outfit post, so please bare with me:) I'm not good at posing, it doesn't feel all that comfortable.
My next problem is that usually in an outfit post people will tell you the brand of the items of clothes they are wearing and where they bought it... well let's see the top/cardigan my cousin didn't want anymore so I nailed it, the jeans... well they were in my closet from before I gave birth, and the boots I bought on sale last winter at a discount shoe store:)
But the bag, you just have to drop by LouenHide to get that, and I have used it plenty all ready, it has become my new favorite, especially because of the size, you can fit everything into it:)
Have a great weekend everyone, at least of what's left of it:)


  1. I love the bag! Such a fun color! And I'm with you - I HATE posing for outfit posts:(


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