Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little treat...

I figured that since it was my week of I was going to be good to myself, so on Tuesday I went to brunch with a colleague, which was really nice, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Jonas was in daycare for a couple of days, but on Wednesday I kept him home, and since he is all about trains and tractors, well we went on a train ride. We only went to another city close by, only 9 minutes by train. We walked a short walk in that city, but since it was raining pretty bad we took the next train back. Jonas loved it, he really liked driving the train, and all the excitement made him really tired, so he slept a 3 hours nap afterwards:)

On Thursday I had made an appointment to get a Thai massage.... maybe I should have looked into what Thai massage really is! Well this was a mix of a regular massage and a Thai massage. She started out stretching my legs, the she almost jumped up on my back! I was pulled and stretched in ways I didn't think was possible, but combined with the regular massage it was really good. I felt really good afterwards, everything seemed to have been loosened, and I felt tired in the same way you do after a good workout. Overall it was pretty good, though I wish I had been prepared for what a Thai massage is:)

Well I'm enjoying my last day of my vacation, or now I guess it's just the last day of the weekend:)

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  1. When I lived in Europe it was so easy to jump on a train - here it is much more difficult. We live semi-near a train but I would really only use it if I were going to NYC or something. The metro is a train I guess, but I don't live near that. Sounds like a fun adventure!

    Good luck going back to work!


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