Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yet another vacation:)

Yet another week of vacation has just started:) It seems like everyone else was off work between Christmas and New Year, but now it's my time to have a week off:) Actually I also had Friday of, so I have started my vacation all ready. On Friday Frank was off as well, so we took Jonas to the mini zoo. Though it was raining and there wasn't as many animals as during the summer. 
Jonas always loves goat number 22, and it was nowhere to be found, I'm a little afraid that it has been turned into a meal for the lions... though we had a pretty good laugh when we passed by the lynx and Jonas called "Gustav", which is our cat... Gustav might be big, but not that big:)

Otherwise Jonas is into a train fase at the moment, I can't count how many times we have watched this video:)

 I might have to warned you not to watch it too much it will get stuck in your head! Though the last couple of days we have been able to talk him into to watching episodes of Tractor Tom, which is not nearly as annoying as listening to Thomas the Tank Engine song all the time.

This coming week I have a few plans, I have some painting I need to get done, so Jonas is going into daycare a couple of days, and I going out for brunch with a colleague as well. Otherwise I will be relaxing, reading and maybe a few DIY projects.

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