Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What a week...

Well the last week has been everything but quiet! Thursday I had the team building course which turned out to be a smooth path course, so not so much team building, but with the weather right now it was fun and useful. Since I wasn't leaving until the afternoon Jonas was didn't go to daycare as early as usually. I was in the living room watching TV, he was playing with his cars, suddenly he ran out of the living room, I figured he was going to find some more toys in his room... well after a while it was awful quiet, and then you know it means trouble...
He had gone into our guest room, which is also used for storage, so please don't look at the mess in there. On the dresser there was a box of chocolate, so he had pushed a box of cat litter in front of the dresser and stepped up on it so he could reach the chocolate... well you can't say he is dumb... I thought it was so hilarious, so instead of telling him I had caught him red handed I snapped a photo of him first. Afterwards I traded him some grapes for the chocolate, which he was equally as happy getting:)

On Friday he went to daycare again, and around 10.30 she called that he had a fever. Luckily Frank was working from home, so he could go get him. I was working all weekend, and by Monday he didn't have a fever any longer, so I send him to daycare since I had a meeting a 11.30 otherwise I had the day of. At 10.30 she called that he had a fever again... I picked him up, and then dropped him of at my parents in law. Tuesday he went to my parents in law again, but he wasn't really sick, but we figured we would play it safe. Then today he went back to daycare, and at 10 she called again he was sick... Frank picked him up, though this time he also behaved sick, not only the fever. 
So sitting in the couch watching Tractor Tom on the tablet is a great way to spent time when you are sick. Now we have arranged for him to go to my parents in law again Thursday and Friday, and hopefully he will be completely over his sickness by Monday!

Hope your week has been a little bit better than mine:)


  1. I am terrified of Evan getting sick - I don't have anywhere else to bring him and the hubs and I don't have too many days off anymore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he stays healthy for a while. Hope your little guy gets better!

  2. How sneaky to try get those chocolates! Climbing up on the kitty litter though? Brilliant.


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