Friday, November 22, 2013

A day off?

Well this day off was not planned, and honestly I would rater be at work. I'm home with a sick little boy. I feel bad for leaving my colleagues hanging, and having to work extra. But my parents in law are on vacation in Thailand, so we were left without a babysitter.

Even if it's cold we don't need blankets etc. because I got my own personal heater sitting next to me surfing youtube for Cars and Mickey Mouse. This gives me a chance to explore my new instagram account. I got it when I received my ornament swap partner, her name is Daniele Hamilton, and since she had no blog, I had to look her up on Instagram. I don't know if you can find people without an account, but I couldn't figure that out, so I created one instead. So now you can follow me in instagram under conniedahlchristensen. 

So far not much is happening there, I'm just lokning around, or should I day stalking people:) so far I have found a few bloggers, but please let me know where to find you, so I can stalking you too:)

Okay I will get back to fever boy, he wants to watch something else, and needs help. Have a nice weekend.

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