Sunday, November 3, 2013

My vacation is over...

I can't believe I just spent a week of my vacation time, and I haven't really done much. Well Jonas and I have been hanging out playing with his cars, trains and watching Disney Junior. 

On Monday there was a storm around, and several times I looked out in the backyard fearing the our trampoline would fly away, I knew it was secured, but every once in a while I couldn't help thinking okay now it's flying... so today we took it down, because I woke up during the night hearing the wind, and couldn't fall asleep again because I kept worrying about the trampoline... so hopefully now I will get more sleep:)

My parents came to visit on Wednesday, and on Thursday my mum and I drove to Århus (a big city about 2 hours away) to do some Christmas shopping. My mum pretty much finished her Christmas shopping, and I got some of mine done, but still have some left that I couldn't or wouldn't buy there in case they needed to be exchanged.

On Friday we were all attending my father in law's 70 birthday, he had a big party, and Jonas was entertaining everyone there. Otherwise it's been a very relaxing week. Several times I figured I would blog, but it's easier to do when Jonas is sleeping, so when he was napping I was thinking I will do it tonight when he is in bed, and when he was in bed I figured I would do it tomorrow when he is napping.... 

We will end the weekend and my vacation with dinner at my parents in law since my mother in law has her birthday tomorrow. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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