Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A finished project - and just in time

This spring or early summer I realised a friend of ours were turning 50 in the end of November. She had asked at one point if I would make her a blanket, because she really like the one I had on the couch. I said sure, just buy the yarn and I will make it. So far she hasn't bought yarn, but I have...
And now I have finished the blanket, that she will have for her birthday. I figured that would be a great gift, and I would have a project to do. Though I have to remind myself never to make hexagons again, squares are so much easier to sew together in the end.
Though I'm really happy about the result, and hopefully she will be too:)


  1. The hexagons are sooo coool though! It's beautiful what an awesome gift! IC's mom made me a blanket that I absolutely adore. One of the best gifts I've ever received.

  2. Wauw det blev flot. Der er lagt maaaange timer i det.


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