Monday, November 18, 2013

A weekend of birthdays

On Thursday my brother turned 40. I called to wish him a Happy Birthday, and asked where our invitation was. He said that our mum had said that I was working, so he figured it was no use inviting us, to which I replied it wasn't until the weekend I was working. So we had to find a date later on for us to celebrate his birthday.
Little did he know, and on Friday afternoon we went to a bar close to his home. Some of he colleagues had arranged a surprise party for him. It was the best, he had no clue, and he was speechless when he arrived. He had even complained to one of his colleagues that "My sister isn't coming for my birthday, she is always working!" We stayed at the bar for a few hours, and then all of us went out for dinner. I was a really nice afternoon/evening.
Saturday night I was at another 40th birthday party, for a friend of mine, she was having an all girls party, and we had a fab time. But I so tired yesterday, and unfortunately I had to work at 1 pm till 10 pm.
I have today of, and I had considered keeping Jonas home, but I figured I could use a little alone time, get a few things done around the house, and I have to be home because there is suppose to come a guy and fix our Internet, since it is not always running too great. So I figured Jonas would have more fun with his friends in daycare.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I love to surprise people - especially when they are really surprised! Sometimes I'd like to send Evan to daycare when I'm home so that I could get some chores done, but then I feel badly because I send him to my sister's and because I hardly ever see him to begin I usually end up keeping him with me.

  2. Aww! I love surprise parties! I bet your brother was so thrilled that you were there!

  3. What a great surprise! I've never been invited to a surprise party before! I sounds like so much fun. My brother is turning 40 in January, and it very much creeps me out for some reason...


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