Thursday, February 6, 2014

The sweet challenges of motherhood

One of the sweet challenges of being a mother is potty training... and we are in the middle of it.

The thing is, we have enrolled Jonas in the Early Years programme at the international school instead of regular kindergarten. But a few things are different there from regular kindergarten, one is that they have to be diaper free. Jonas was really good at telling us he had to go potty when he needed to do number 2, but hey I had to go ruin that last summer. I figured we had a week off without any plans, so I will take the diaper off him, and ohh did that backfire! He was crying that he wanted to put a diaper on, what a great mum I was. That also made him not tell us when he had to go.

Since he is starting the Early Years programme on March 1st we figured we needed to start training, and this weekend we did! Saturday morning went fine, without accidents, but after his nap... well it went downhill from there, and we had to put clean underwear on him what felt like a million times.

Sunday went a lot better, only one half accident, he had gone into the bathroom, but was a bit too slow getting his underpants off, but hey he was trying. He is still wearing a diaper in daycare but we take it off him when he gets home, and since Sunday no accidents, hurrah! 

Today I took him grocery shopping without a diaper, our first trip out of the house diaper free. We did a fast shopping trip, because he still isn't too good a telling us when to go, we keep asking him and he says yes or no, so a fast shopping trip without accidents was a success. So I still got hope that he will be diaper free before March 1st., I must admit I wasn't too sure Saturday afternoon!


  1. Det skal nok gå. Der er laaaang tid til marts

    1. Han klarede hele torsdag uden uheld, endda med en tur i Netto. Vi har (7-9-13) ikke haft nogen uheld siden søndag, så det skal nok gå. Så er det bare lige det med middagsluren...


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